Home Bedrooms Bedroom design ideas for newly married couples living in small houses

Bedroom design ideas for newly married couples living in small houses

Bedroom design ideas

The size of the house does not matter, what is important is how well it is designed. The planning process during a home renovation plays a vital role for maximizing the space constraints. The biggest challenge that small sized houses face is the limitation of space and ability to design it accordingly.

When designing the bedroom, factors like the layout and size of the bedroom, how you alter a design to suit the bedroom hold a lot of importance to get the best look. For a small sized bedroom, here are a few ideas and design inspirations you can use to make it look big and spacious.

Pastel colored Wall mounted headboard with a decently sized bed

Bedroom design ideas

Instead of opting for a block design for the bed set and headboard, you can consider a wall mounted headboard to save space. This will allow you to get more space for your bed and other necessities. Another benefit of a wall-mounted headboard is that it also acts like a part of the decor you would consider for your bedroom.  Choosing pastel colors for the furnishing is a good idea since it helps to make the space bigger and brightens the room.

Intimate moments with a blue and grey bedroom concept

The blue and grey combination gives you a very cozy and warm feeling. It helps to enhance the intimacy between the couple. To make this concept more interesting, opt for full sized mirrors and a sliding door for your cupboard. You can also blend in some nice multi- colored lighting fixtures and lights to bring in a romantic mood and atmosphere for your bedroom.

Floral shades and prints bring in freshness

Bedroom design ideas

Another beautiful way to design your bedroom is to incorporate floral colors and prints. Opting for shades like reds, pinks or even lavender will be a good choice. For the prints, you can choose large sized prints for your cushions and pillow covers.  You can also have one wall that is covered with some nice floral printed wallpaper and leave the rest with just plain solid colors of matching hues. This will make your room look beautiful as well as welcoming.

The bookshelf concept for the couples who love to read

If you and your partner both love to read books, then this is an ideal concept for you. Instead of going for a regular headboard, consider getting one that has a bookshelf along with it. You can design the shelf based on the size of the wall basing it on a particular inspiration, or you can even buy one readymade bookshelf rack that matches your inspiration. For your dressing table, consider getting a mirror that is shaped in the form of an open book with a nice red colored ribbon.

Bring in your love and passion for adventure

Bedroom design ideas

If you are partners in adventure sports and even in real life, convert this passion into the design of your bedroom. On one side of the wall, you can decorate it to look like a rock climbing effect with small foot pedals.  You can bring in the water-rafting concept to your bathroom by designing your bathtub in the form of a small boat. There is no end to how deep you can go to bring in the love that you share.

The recycled concept for eco-lovers

From recycled materials to home décor, you can bring all this in your bedroom. Choose a design that represents the eco conscious side of you. You can make your own lighting fixtures using the old tins or glass pieces. You can use metal scraps to form a wall art that looks like a wall clock or a design.

For the art loving couple

Bedroom design ideas

If painting and art is what brought you and your loved one together, relive that particular moment moments by incorporating it in your design. You can choose to have a nice artistic work done on your walls. For your bedroom set, opt for plain white headboard and paint it the way you both one on your own.  You can also choose the color scheme of a plain white wall with abstract work done on it to bring in the mood. Blend this in with some red colored furnishing and you have a beautiful concept ready for your bedroom.