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Coffee Can clocks you can make yourself as well

coffee can clock
Just few days back we had covered a lamp made from coffee cans. Here, is yet another example of creativity with these coffee cans. A Coffee Can clock built by Florinc is a great work of ingenuity and DIY project(check the video as well). The designer intelligently makes use of the can to make an enclosure for an alarm clock. The clock looks more of an art-piece rather than some old can piece. The electronics are based on Wiseduino and it has a LED matrix shield sitting on top.

The shield is built with 74HC595 shift registers that drive two bi-colors – red, green, and orange. What makes the clock different from the others is its amazing feature. The time shows in orange three hours before the alarm buzz, and turns red one hour before the alarm clock sound. So, you can get to know for how long you can sleep before kicking out of the bed for your daily routine. So how creative can you get with your coffee cans?
coffee can clock1

Via: Unplggd

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