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Compact ‘vWash’ washing machine saves time, energy


Now, forget about those dirty loads as you can save both time and water while washing clothes, thanks to vWash. Design work by Asmita Misra, this compact washing machine is a single solution to every generation. It works on the principle of a direct drive motor in the base and a simple agipeller in the bucket. Though it looks small, it is proficient of cleaning small loads in a very short time. Capable of washing a pair of denim jeans, a T-shirt and a pair of underclothes at one time, this small solution washes the clothes without building up mess for your weekends. Three simple foot operated controls let you decided between heavy and normal wash, switching on and off the machine and ejecting the bucket.

In addition, it also features a detachable bucket that lets you carry your fresh clean clothes into the drying area. It also helps when you would like to fill up water and operate your machines in different places reducing the need of a hose. The triangular design of the machine lets the user fit it in close corners (of say a bathroom) thus occupying lesser (maybe otherwise inaccessible spaces like next to the pot) without defining the exact boundaries you need to fit it into. A retractable power cord lets you keep the power supply dry and clean when not in use. vWash not only reduces on the effort, energy and the time, but also relieves you off from the tension of dirty clothes loads.


Thanks Asmita