Give your property the ‘luxury hotel effect’ with these outdoor lighting ideas


If you visit any of the top hotels around the world, they will dazzle you with their luminous lighting designs along their walls, in their gardens, pools and walkways. The atmosphere will feel more inviting and enjoyable and thus you will enjoy a more luxurious experience. The thing is these designs aren’t just limited to the luxury hotel chains. You can actually create the same (or similar) settings in your home with outdoor lights. If you think this sounds too good to be true, read the following landscaping and garden lighting tips below from Sunshower Online.  

Create an enchanting glow by using uplighting


If you have rows of trees in your garden, you can shoot the light upward into the trees by using floodlights. This uplighting technique will make a strong visual impact on your landscape and can make your trees the focal point of your landscape’s design. You can use different types of lighting to feature ornaments, plants, walls or areas of your garden. Floodlights are ideal for projecting strong light to your garden’s features or you can opt for LED or halogen lights, which can provide a subtle luminous glow.

Installing an open pit fire

open pit fire

These are great for creating a social bond with nature. You can choose to build a permanent fire pit or you could opt for a temporary option. Many homeowners have been able to add a ‘luxury appeal’ to their fire pits by complementing the luminous glow of the fire with comfortable chairs and cushions, as seen in the image below.

Underwater lighting

Underwater lighting

A great way to illuminate your pools, spas, ponds or water features is by installing water lights. There are several LED options that you can use that provide different luminaires and colours. Hotels use these in many of their pools and water fountains. They are usually inexpensive to install in your water features, however you will need to ensure you choose lights that are well protected from water penetration.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights

String pendant lights are a nice way to light up the outdoors. They are simple to install, since they only need to hang from one point to another. The incandescent pendant lights are popular with their pattern design and low voltage, however you can also opt for LED lighting options which won’t use as much electricity and will save money on your electricity bills.

Rope lights

Rope lights

Hotels will often illuminate their trees and walkways with rope lights. Simple designs such as lining the rope light along walkways, footpaths and garden beds or wrapping tree trunks and their branches with rope lights can create a luxurious light design.

Wall lights

Wall lights

Wall lights can be one of the most underestimated items in terms of lighting design. You can choose a wall light that will highlight a specific feature such as a picture or design on the wall. Alternatively, you could opt for a more rustic design such as European styled lamps.

Landscape lights

Landscape lights 1

Bring out the green glow of your lawn at night with in-ground well lights. You can easily install several along the edges of your lawn and have them illuminate to create an inviting path or social area at night.

Below are some great examples of homes that have successfully implemented outdoor lighting to their gardens and to the exterior of their property.

Thus, investing in the right type of exterior lighting will definitely make your home appear more inviting and improve the ‘curb appeal’ of your home. You have the choice to retrofit your garden and the exterior of your property completely with outdoor lighting that will impress your neighbours and guests. Check out the range of outdoor lights that are available at Sunshower Online today!

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