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Gramophone lamp carries some retro look

gramophone lamp

If you love listening to gramophones, then this Gramophone lamp is surely going to appeal you. It is definitely unique and probably something retro you will love to keep. The lamp is all made from old parts, like marble pieces of old lamp, a pottery piece by Sharan Elran and a thin, pewter nickel plated flexible arm. Carrying the vintage look, the lamp works somewhat like gramophone. All you need is to touch the flexible arm to turn it on, off and for three dimming levels. The LED bulb is used to light up the house which is hidden in the marble. Attached to the cord, 6 feet away from the lamp is a half dome stainless steel dimmer and transformer housing. The cord continues four more feet till it reaches the plug. Priced for $165, the lamp is a fair deal anyone will love to purchase.

gramophone lamp2