Indoor swing ideas for your kid’s playroom

Guilt not necessity is what drives parents to think of innovative ideas these days. Guilt, as you don’t have enough time, the kids spend a lot of time in front of the TV or playing video games. Physical activity inside the house has limited options, but swings can be a great option to keep them busy. Swings are great to build balance, confidence and cooperation skills. Swings are also a good way to keep children busy on chilly, wintry days. There are many types of swings which can be installed in your home. Take a look at a few ideas of different swings which you can use, and what’s more, they can look an integral part of your decor:

Loft swing

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You may have seen really nice converted lofts where the parents and children spend time together. Adding some swings to the beam of the loft will be really fun for the kids and they will get to hang out with you when you’re working. Plus, you don’t have to attend to them all the time as the swings will keep them busy. Put other toys in there too, so that they can play with their favorite toys when they’re tired of swinging. So go ahead and install a swing in your loft!

Create an indoor activity area

Convert the kids’ playroom into a fun playroom which has an art centre, wall climbing, trapeze swing and if you can get your hands on it, a boat-shaped swing. You can choose any other interesting shape, in a size which would fit comfortably inside the playroom. Incorporate a lot of storage for toys too.

Sofa swing

This is a little different swing – not exactly a kid’s swing, but a slightly sophisticated swing. Invest in a sofa swing which the whole family can sit on and swing. Guests would love to sit on the swing and remember their childhood too. There are many stylish sofa swings available, from the simplest to traditional metal swings.

Doorway swing

A simple swing consisting of a small plank and some rope can be mounted in wide door frames, such as the doorway between the dining and living rooms. If you have a ceiling, which won’t even hold any screws, door jams are the best place to hang your swing from. For young kids, make sure that the swing seat has handlebars and back, and it should be low enough so that they can sit on and get down the swing comfortably.

Tire swing

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Remember the tire swing you had in your backyard? If you live in an apartment, you may not have a backyard to hang a tire swing from the tree there. But you can install a tire swing in your kids’ bedroom or playroom, as it does not take much space at all. Any old tire and some sturdy rope can be used to make a lovely tire swing. 

Playground Swings

With playground swings from IKEA, you can convert your living room into a fun play zone, with fun swings and safety mats which you can hang at the safest and most convenient place in the living room. These swing sets come in all colors and shapes, so they can look great in your decor. If you don’t have a separate playroom or space for the kids, the living room can double as an indoor playground.

Bed swing

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A bed swing is a little OTT, but interesting. Put it a corner of the playroom, and get a load test done by an engineer before installing one.

Kitchen swing

If you have space in the kitchen, you can out in a small swing for your toddler or young children, as they can hang out with you when you cook. Be sure that there is a safety belt on the swing so that they don’t get out and be in the way, especially when you are boiling water or doing some equally dangerous thing. It’s a good way to keep them from watching TV, provided you take some safety precautions.

While installing a swing, make sure there is enough room so that they don’t bump into furniture and walls. Adding gymnastic mats or a nice plush carpet will keep your kids safe from spills.

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