Interesting home decorating tips for claustrophobic people

Claustrophobic people always have a problem with small spaces.  They can easily have a panic attack at any point of time. Their phobia can take a bad toll on them even if they are in their own home. If you have such a problem, then dealing with the home decor in the right way is essential. Here are a few tips for claustrophobic people when renovating or decorating their home that will help to reduce the effect of long or short spaces

Ideas to deal with long and narrow hallways

Adding mirrors to reflect natural light in small spaces

Narrow and long hallways can often trigger an anxiety attack. Adding mirrors on the wall can help to reflect natural light during the day. This will help take care of the darkness feeling and reduce the possibilities of having an attack.

Contrasting icing accent colors

If you want to bring a stopping point to your hallway; then you can consider contrast icing accent colors. You can enhance the end wall with combinations like dark green and light yellow, bright orange and light brown, blueish grey and beige etc.

Long runners and carpets for the floors

For the flooring, you can think about adding a nice long runner. From a rag to a carpet, you have a choice to enhance the space in the simplest way. Colors like navy blue, blood red, dark brown with geometric prints and a thick border will look perfect.

Graphic patterns and artworks

Another way to make a strong statement, you can consider graphic patterns and artworks. These will add a nice look to your hallway and reduce the lengthiness.

Dealing with furniture arrangements

Another way to reduce your claustrophobia is by arranging your furniture properly. It is not necessary that you have to load your room with furniture, but by arranging it smartly, you can still get the same effect.  Let us look at a few smart ways to arrange your furniture

L-Shaped furniture with an artistic center table

When you have enough of space, one of a good choice is to go for L-Shaped furniture. This fills the unnecessary space and gives you a comfortable seating arrangement. You can also add a nice artistically crafted center table.

Single seaters with a foot rest

Single seater chairs are also another good way to fill in any space. You can also opt for the single seaters with the matching footrest for a nice reading and relaxing space. If you want, you can add a nice bookshelf and long slender lamp to give it a complete finish.

Long divans with storage space

Long furniture with a storage option underneath is another way to deal with such space. The dual benefit of having a good and comfortable seating arrangement along with a storing space is worth considering.

For the walls of narrow and long spaces

Even dealing with walls is another way to reduce the chances of an anxiety attack. When designing your walls, some of the best ideas on this front include:

  1. Artworks or paintings is a good way to go

A nice artwork that covers the entire wall is a perfect way to add the fullness to any space. You can opt for getting the wall painted with a nice artistic work that contrasts the vase color. Another way to bring in this look would be to add differently sized framed paintings to make it look nice and complete.

  1. Wall hangings with metal lighting fixtures

Wall hangings are also another good way to bring in a spark to your walls. Choosing brightly colored artistic wall hangings with medium sized motifs is a good choice. Even adding metal lighting fixtures just above the wall hanging will make a difference to how it appears.

  1. Wallpapers with bright colored prints

Wallpapers are also a very different and unique way to deal with such spaces. While choosing wallpapers, go for nice floral prints in bright colors. This is a budget friendly option that you can consider when you want to bring in a change without doing too much.

Live indoor vertical garden with plants that can help you relax

An indoor virtual garden is another good way to deal with spaces. This will give you a relaxed feel and fill in the space a beautiful way. The best thing about virtual live gardens is that you can come up with any theme and it will look very good.

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