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Let Haier’s Link Cook Series and Samsung Family Hub refrigerators set the menu for you

The era of smart-homes is catching up at a rapid pace. With every second passing by, a new concept or innovation is hitting the manufacturing department of the big names in the industry. The simplest consumer products such as washing machine, cook-tops, refrigerators etc are enhanced with the smart technology. One such series of consumer products, that got the attention of everybody during this year’s IFA trade show, was the interesting concepts of the future refrigerators.

Presenting the link cook series refrigerators from Haier

link series refrigerator

Haier’s upcoming model of refrigerators didn’t only have a unique design but it also had a very interesting concept. The motive behind the concept and design of this refrigerator will make menu planning easy and simple. This is because, this fridge will not only show you what you have stored inside, but it will also help you to decide a menu with the food items that you have.

The link series refrigerator will solve your menu preferences

The biggest challenge for any homemaker is to come up with a fresh menu every day. Whether you consider lunch, dinner, or even breakfast, it gets very challenging to decide what you can make for the day. Not only do you have to keep in mind the preferences of every member in the family; but you also have to make sure that you have the right kind of raw materials or ingredients to cook your dish. Well, the link cook series from Haier is equipped with a feature that can suggest a menu for you along with the relevant recipe to go with it.

A look at what is in store with the link cook series

One of the most prominent questions that we often hear every day is- what is there for dinner? The upcoming refrigerator series from Haier will resolve this question easily. The built in cameras placed on the doors of the refrigerator will let you see what is inside the fridge. Based on the contents available, this fridge also has a software that can make some good suggestions for your menu planning. It comes with a touch screen and a specially designed app.

Everything happens automatically

Even without opening the door, you can still get to know what is inside through the cameras and touch screen that is present on the doors of refrigerator. The four-door refrigerator is also equipped with the internet connectivity option that connects automatically to various other products that are part of the link cook series.

This series consists of refrigerators and range of hoods or ovens, which are interconnected to each other through the Internet. As soon as a person selects the recipe of their choice, the information is sent to the oven with the relevant heating instructions for the pre- preparation process. Even on the Range Hood, a small screen allows you to view the recipe that you choose.

Another notable product on the similar ground

Just as how you can get recipe suggestions based on the contents of your fridge with the Haier Link Cook Series, similarly even the Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge Series allows you to do the same thing. During the IFA trade show 2017, the company displayed 10 models that are going to hit the markets this year. The Family Hub Smart Fridge series by Samsung offers variants of three and four door refrigerators for people to choose from.

Smart consumer products with smarter features and facilities

You can see what is inside the Samsung fridge with the built in cameras and touch screen display. You can also get a snap shot of the groceries you have inside; so that when you are shopping you do not end up buying something that you do not want. What makes the concept more interesting is that it allows you to do your grocery shopping online even if you are at home.

You will get information such as the expiry date on your smartphone by downloading the relevant app that comes for your fridge. You have the option of streaming your favorite music from Spotify or Pandora. With such upcoming features, you can shop for the right things at the right time. These upcoming models will surely change the way we work in the kitchen and save us a lot of time and money in various ways.