Sustainable Maintainer – Panasonic’s Smart Laundry Machine does your laundry the smart way

Taking care of your clothing is essential and without a doubt, doing the laundry has become very easy, thanks to washing machines. Amongst the many companies that are known for their products, Panasonic is one name that you can associate with quality and durability.

The washing machines that the company launches have always given customers their true value for money. Since the era of smart home products has been hitting the shelves, now the company plans to launch the Sustainable Maintainer.

A new path paved with the Sustainable Maintainer

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The smart technology has changed the way our regular appliances work and has given a meaning to them. This technology has made lives very easy and also helped to ensure that our natural resources are used to the bare minimum. Over the years, we have seen a variety of smart home products that have hit the market shelves.

The washing machine that makes life simple and stress free

The Sustainable Maintainer has taken this concept to a new level where it does everything for you. All you have to do is just toss the dirty clothes in and take out the clean, dried and folded clothes. This machine is truly a boon since it saves a lot of time and energy. It is ideal for homes where there is a lot of laundry or even for those who are managing their homes and work at the same time.

This washing machine is equipped with the Smart Technology, which not only does your washing for you but also does it in the smart way. Talk about saving on your energy and water consumption while getting your laundry done, the machine will pave a new path of having a connected and convenient lifestyle. So let us see what is in store for those who plan to buy the Sustainable Maintainer.

The demonstration of the Sustainable Maintainer at the IFA 2017

During the IFA 2017, the company representatives gave people a glimpse of what was in store if anybody opted to buy the Sustainable Maintainer when it hits the market. The results of the demonstration were unbelievable.

The company had set up the entire unit behind a reflective glass at the booth allotted to them. During the demonstration, the representatives of the company showed the functionality of the smart laundry system that the company plans to come up with.

Robotic arms that do everything for you

One of the highlights of the Sustainable Maintainer is that it features a pair of robotic arms that do all your work. One that does the sorting of clothing and the other that fold the washed clothes for you. Here are the details of the different chores that both these arms do for you

A hamper is available within the unit of the washing machine. All a person has to do is toss all the dirty clothes in that hamper. The first arm tosses your dirty clothes into the washing machine from the built in hamper. It is equipped with a scanner that scans the tags on the clothes and sorts out the laundry automatically. Based on the washing instructions mentioned on the tag, and how deep the stains are, it automatically decides the best laundry cycle for the clothing.

The best thing about Panasonic’s Sustainable Maintainer is that it does the washing and drying of the clothes automatically. Once the clothes washing and drying process is completed, the second arm takes out the clean clothes and folds them for you. The arm places these clothes in a built in shelf that is stored within the overall unit of the machine.

The design and other features of the Sustainable Maintainer by Panasonic


The overall unit comes with white tiles that are present on the external body of the unit. Within the unit, you have a special hamper, a conveyer belt, the washer, the dryer machine and a storage shelf for the clean clothes. All these features are placed within a big unit of the washing machine.

Considering the size of this unit, you need to ensure that you have a special space for it since it would require a decent amount of floor space to fit the entire unit. With this unit by your side, you can say bye -bye to the stress and time consuming tasks of sorting, putting the clothes for wash, hanging it to dry and then folding it.

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