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Litchenberg figures: Capturing the light!

litchenberg panel2
I came across these eye-catching Litchenberg figures on TubeClock.com. Made by Bert Hickman in his lab in Chicago, the figures are simply amazing. The figures are actually branching, tree-like patterns giving the appearance of insulating materials by high voltage electrical discharges. The pattern is a lightning bolt traveling through a piece of clear plastic inside a clear acrylic which creates lighting sculptures. The figure adds grace to any desk or display area with its pleasing beauty. Ranging from $117- $295, the Litchenberg figures can prove to be a beautiful addition for your home to enhance the appeal of your d├ęcor.

Small Litchenberg panel with rosewood base
litchenberg panel

Large Litchenberg panel with walnut base
litchenberg panel1

Litchenberg square with rosewood base
litchenberg panel2

Litchenberg cube with rosewood base
litchenberg panel3