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Jakob – Offline sofa accessory for online addicted people

Internet and online social activities have made most of us so addicted that we like to spend more of our time online rather than engaging in family social interaction. Thinking of such social addicts, Dutch Industrial designer Paula Kassenaar has come up with the innovative solution. The Dutch student offers an ingenious addition to the armrest of a sofa named “Jakob.” Developing a platform for the social and nonsocial interaction, the accessory offers games and the ability to leave message for one another.

The sofa can record sound bits, short twitter messages for family members who can listen to it when you are not around or feed the sofa with your own personality. Teasing each other or reminiscing by finding back sound snippets of memorable moments are some of the additional features of this accessory. Jakob forms a centerpiece of your household which adds vitality to the sofa with fun and technology.