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Silverwares are now a new home decor

recycled silverware

Lending a helping hand to protect the ecosystem, some of the designers have come up with novel approach of utilizing the discarded silverware. I’m sure there must be ample of silverware in your kitchen which is no longer required in your kitchen space. So, why discard them and clog the landfill to pollute our environment? Here are some innovative ways to make use of silverware to give your home decor a new style and eco-friendly statement. Accessories designed by some of the designers not only enhance the interior but also protects the environment. The accessories include custom pendant lamps which are crafted from flatware and from ice cream spoons.

A steel flatware wall clock from Seventh Avenue costs about $34.95 and recycled flatware clock for $50 on mixtgoods.com. Custom Silhouettes comes up with their enamelware decals for $32 to $40. If this is not enough then there is Green Stain Funky Forks modern coat rack from Jeremy and Jennifer Evensen for just $17 and spoon wind chime from DinnerTime Chimes for $27. Must say pretty constructive and efficient utilization!

green stain funky fort coat rack
spoon wind chime

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