Simple tips for designing an astrology themed bedroom

beautiful purple bedroom

Your home is probably decorated according to the latest trends or interior design themes such as traditional, rustic, contemporary, Scandinavian or minimalist. But how do you make your decor more personal? In fact, why not decorate the bedrooms of each family member according to their sun signs? It would be great fun, and your family would be happier in special astrology themed bedroom for sure!

12 Tips for designing astrology themed bedroom for your family 

1.     Energetic, optimistic Aries

optimistic-Aries-bedroomAries are energetic people who never back down from a challenge and love to get their teeth into any discussion or argument. They are optimistic, trusting, child like, passionate and fiery. So for these firebrands who can believe anything before breakfast, the colour red should be included in some form in the bedroom.

Hot pink, warm orange as well as blues are their favourites. Playful, interesting and imaginative storage will be ideal for this sun sign.A comfy chair to read in and a TV will complete their bedroom. 

2.     Grounded but artistic Taurus

Taureans are grounded people and while designing an astrology themed bedroom for them, you can include earthy but rich colours, a cozy fireplace and beautiful tapestries. They are very artistic too, and will enjoy a beautiful painting in the room, satin sheets and other beautiful objets d’art in their bedroom.

Decorating ideas for a Taurean bedroom should therefore include both luxury and beauty, as they love being pampered and spoiled. Browns, blues and greens can be used safely in their bedroom in different ways, keeping the walls cream or beige. Female Taureans like pinks and all things feminine – they would surely love a dash of pink in their room!

3.     Witty and charming Gemini

Witty-and-charming-Gemini-bedroomGeminis are known for their brilliant wit and charming personality. They can win over anyone, but people of this sun sign prefer to keep their decor simple. A minimalist theme would be perfect for their bedroom, with a bookshelf, TV and a reading nook part of the decor. While designing an astrology themed bedroom for the air sign, you should ensure that their bedroom has plenty of natural light and good ventilation.

4.     Sensitive, protective Cancer

Cancerians are very sensitive and like to ‘nest’ in a place where it is comfortable and safe. Their bedroom should be clutter-free and have all the comforts.Cozy comforters which have a beautiful print matching with the curtains will make a Cancerian feel happy in their bedroom.

5.     Royal and generous Leo

Royal and generous LeoIt’s very easy to decorate an astrology themed bedroom for Leos. They love luxury, rich colours and fabrics – you can include golden trinkets, expensive paintings, velvet bedcovers, extravagant furniture and patterns, and large mirrors where they can admire themselves. They love being Leos and also love to declare the fact so a zodiac sign wall decor will be great for their bedroom.

6.     Immaculate, stylish and analytical Virgo

Virgos are careful, analytical, perfectionists who should have a bedroom which has muted wall colours, as they can get irritated by a vibrant colour in the long run. A leather couch they can sink in, a bookshelf, and a table they can write their lists on will suit the astrology themed bedroom for Virgos.

7.     Romantic and just Libra

spacious-bedroomLibrans love space so their bedroom should have enough space, or else they may feel claustrophobic. They love sophisticated decor with the best of everything, so the few things you put in their room has to be of superior quality.

8.     Mysterious and strong-willed Scorpio

Decorating an astrology themed bedroom for Scorpios is not an easy task. You will have to include both classic as well as trendy elements, as the mysterious Scorpio loves style and loves to be fashionable too. They like opulent beds and a wall in their bedroom can be painted dark red to reflect their enigmatic personalities.

9.     Free-spirited and philosophical Sagittarius

beautiful purple bedroomSagittarians are free-spirited philosophers who love travelling. The Sagittarian zodiac sign wall decor should have some mementos of places they have been to, so you might leave the wall decor to them. The colour purple resonates with Sagittarians so you can include some beautiful purple silk cushions on the bed or a purple satin bed sheet as well some trendy decor scheme as they love to be on trend. Colours on the walls could be neutral with an accent wall of plum, red or green shades.

10.No-nonsense and nature loving Capricorn

Cancerians represent the feminine aspect of the Zodiac, and Capricorn is the masculine. Capricorns are driven people with a love for the classic as well as functional. They are extremely sentimental as well as hold on to objects due to the memory attached to it. They are solid, reliable people and their bedroom should display all the aspects of their nature.

Capricorns are hard-working, authoritative as well as fiercely loyal and love nature deeply. They love a light-filled space which is airy and well-ventilated. Their bedroom should be airy, traditional and filled with classic and durable objects.

11.Imaginative and whimsical Aquarius

pristine white wallsAquarius is the sign which is known for being whimsical and imaginative. They are lost in their own worlds but when they come down to earth, they are loads of fun. They have an original sense of beauty and their bedroom has to have extremely beautiful, colourful paintings on pristine white walls and floor. You can use eccentric art pieces and paper lanterns or terracotta lamps to light up their room.

12.Dreamy and creative Pisceans

Pisceans are creative people who love all shades of turquoise and blue. Their bedroom can have pastel hues with subtle and delicate textures. They are intuitive and creative and they love design elements which remind them of the oceans. More than their bedroom, their bathroom is more important to them. Their bathroom should have a tub where they can relax in after a strenuous day. The colour scheme of the bathroom should be blue in keeping with the water theme.

Designing bedrooms according to the sun signs is a wonderful way to create a room which has your personal touch, and your personal preference. Your family would love to spend time in their bedrooms too, without knowing why!

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