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Stover personifies thermal heating into a fancy carpet design


Stover may not be Aladdin’s magical carpet, but then it has its own wonderful functions. Made with three different layers, it gives new meaning to aesthetics, maintenance and recycling. Each layer of the carpet is different in its own little way. The first layer is completely isolated from the cold. The second one has been fixed with a carbon hot wire and the third with a series of cells to diffuse heat to the surface.

Stover is fixed with a rechargeable photovoltaic battery, designed as a part of this project. The battery can be charged to provide maximum freedom to the user. Remove any of the 3 layers for cleaning purposes, and check out the different colors available to please your senses.

With the exorbitant rates attached to heating facilities, it became almost a necessity to have something to call your own. With a battery attached to it, Stover has been able to solve problems many of us face with heating issues. Not only can one have a cut in the electricity bills, you can even achieve situations where you will be able to keep warm all the time. No more need to keep sitting right next to the heat source, trying to keep warm. Stover is for you to keep, making you warm on every possible step of life.

The underlying concept with which Stover has been developed is simple to provide heat to the people and to not heat up the air. By doing this, the person is warmed up with the heat emanated by Stover. With an edge of comfort being provided to the user, the three layers of the product have been built with an ingenious streak attached to it.

The concept was further divided into how to go about the whole procedure of developing the gadget. While the nitty-gritties were figured out, the battery type, the number of layers and how thermal heating was to be devised, everything was given shape. The overall product may not be a stunner looks wise, but its utility supersedes every other possible heating gadget available in the market these days.

Via: Jamesdysonaward