Summer themed fruit inspired centerpiece ideas that will amaze your guests

The summertime is one of the most preferred seasons for various kinds of activities. It is also the time when friends and families get together to spend some quality time with each other. Backyard parties during this time are very common. For people living in front of the water, it is a perfect time to soak up and enjoy a variety of water based activities and sports.

If you are throwing a party or having a casual get together, you can impress your guests with some fresh and natural decor using a blend of fruits, flowers, candles, and other such simple decorations. Let us look at a few centerpiece ideas that you can use for decorating the table.

The long glass citrus collection centerpiece idea

Welcome the summer time with a collection of sliced citrus fruits stored in long glasses. You can opt to go with the mix bag of various sliced citrus fruits in the same glass or choose to go with one in each. Choose fruits like oranges, sweet limes, grapefruits etc.

The tropical fever centerpiece idea

Another good idea that you can choose as a centerpiece is the tropical fever collection. Choose from Mangoes, Papayas, Pineapples, Watermelons and various others. To make it look more natural, use the outer part of the pineapple to make your centerpiece and fill the mixed fruits inside it. Another way to go about with this idea is by making a small basket of fruits decorated with a little ribbon handle and lace border.

The fresh fruit table runner

Instead of going for a cloth runner, you can make one yourself with the help of fruits. For this, you can use evenly sized rectangular plates and decorate them with different types of fruit salads. This will bring in a variety in the overall look as well as you can choose to have it after your lunch or dinner as a dessert. You can also consider placing large sized flowers between the plates for decorative purposes.

Mason jars centerpieces with fresh fruits and flowers

Flowers and fruits always make an impression. Use differently sized mason jars for decorating the place. In this, you can choose the same color combination such as oranges with orange colored flowers, strawberries with roses, blueberries with orchids etc. Another way to go about with this idea is to go with a mixed fruit salad with flower buds placed on top. If you want to consume the fruits after the party, you can place a layer of sling wrap between the fruits and flowers.

Berries on a stick collection

Make your own bouquet of berries for your centerpiece idea.  You can consider the all time favorites such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries for your collection. For this idea, you would need a shallow large sized bowl with a sponge placed inside. Stack up the berries in long skewers and decorate them using the sponge. You can place a few ice cubes under the sponge so that the fruits remain cool for a while.

Decorate your table with acorns, lemons and some white tulips

If you want to keep it as simple as possible, then you can choose to go with some acorns and lemons along with a few tulips. In this idea, you can use medium sized half-filled glasses. Put the lemons first and add some acorns above it. You can place the tulips as the center of attractuin. 

The wave of blue berries, plums and orchids

Fill small bowls of plums and blueberries and decorate the borders with the orchid buds. You can place these bowls in different designs or even create the wavy effect by adding in some ribbons, leaves and a few white colored wild flowers.

The all green and yellow look

Go with the traditional color combination of green and yellow by opting for fruits like grapes, limes and pineapples. For the flowers, you can choose to go with a few wild flowers, yellow colored roses and a few leaves.  Decorate them all in a broad and short sized mason jar.

The wooden crate of mixed fruits

For your centerpiece idea, you do not have to go for any expensive glass base. Instead, you can go for small sized wooden crates and place different fruits inside it. Alongside the crates, you can add small vases of single flowers and nice long candle stands for that beautiful summer evening party.

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