The best automation systems 2017

Home automation can give relief from heavy utility bills and give you peace of mind, as you no longer have to worry whether you locked your home or not. You can convert your home into a smart home with the help of a home automation system. You’d be able to control all the lights, appliances and other compatible products remotely. Installing an automated system is complex and is expensive, so you should find out in depth about the systems available, and select the one which is most suitable. You can opt for complete home automation which is costly, or you could choose automated security systems which offer upgrades. Not sure what you would automate? Here’s a list of ideas to for inspiration.

Best home automation systems 2017


The software of this home automation system is completely customizable, which is why it can be used in homes as well as commercial buildings such as hotels, schools, and businesses. This system is compatible with thousands of products manufactured by hundreds of companies, making it easier for you select smart products for your home, without having to search much. It is expensive and takes time to install it, but you would be happy with the results.


Control4 is also a good home automation system in the smart home systems products. You can integrate the hardware and software easily, without the help of the dealer, as there is no intensive programming involved. This would reduce the installation costs while creating a system which can be expanded later with the help of the dealer as your requirements change. Control4 has a strong in-house selection of hardware and is compatible with hundreds of smart products. You can custom programs and create schedules without the dealer’s help.


Savant has a sleek, glossy hardware which reminds one of Apple products. Savant has a line of professional products as well as DIY smart products with entertainment focus. Its universal remote is fitted with a high-res touchscreen, easy to use button layout with voice control, which is its standout features. Smart home systems like Savant help to make your busy life easier, as you can control all the things in your home with one app or remote.

RTI, ADT, MONI and Vivint are some other home automation systems which have an extensive dealer network and a lifetime warranty.

Best home security systems 2017



Installing this automated home security system will alert you in time of any intruder is trying to break in or if someone has already entered your premises. This alarm system is affordable and you can control it via the accompanying smartphone app for Android and iOS platforms. It looks good, can be installed easily and has the facility for upgradation. Right now, you cannot control it from your desktop and it doesn’t record any video, but the manufacturer is addressing both these issues.


Simplisafe can secure your home without having to pay a high monthly fee. It’s a wireless automated home security system, which means you don’t have to drill holes in the walls. It protects your home from intruders and alerts you about any floods or fires. It’s a DIY system which you can install and operate without any hassle. Depending on your budget, you can use this system’s many integrated features for more security. You also have the option of stopping service at any time without penalties or change plans whenever you want to. 


The Vivint has a ‘SkyControl’ to control all security and home automation functions. It has 7″ touchscreen color display which makes it easier to secure your doors and windows, view recorded and live video, adjust cooling and heating temperatures. You can use Burglary and Panic alarms which are connected to the local police directly.

Skylink alarm system

Skylink’s DIY alarm kit is incredibly reasonable and you can monitor your home from your smartphone without splurging. It has motion sensors, door/window sensors, and cameras, alarm sirens and switches can be added later.

You can install automation systems in your home so that you can control / monitor your home from any location, and at any time. You can choose the best automation system to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for complete home automation or just a smart security system to secure your home.

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