Move away from the normal looking garage with these ideas


It is time to give your garage a makeover. You use your garage as a convenient storage space, which soon turns into a dumping ground for anything and everything you want out of sight. Sometimes, it is a pain to find what you are looking for. However, your garage space can be used in a much better way, storage can be organized, you can even have your craft space there – the possibilities are endless. You might have a big or a small garage, but it need not be just a normal looking garage anymore. Here are few ideas, which can help you transform your garage into a sleek, functional space:

Sort everything

The first step to organizing your garage is to sort everything into neat piles. Make separate piles of house maintenance items, repair supplies, garden tools, recycling, holiday decorations, sports gear, etc. Once you sort everything, you can decide whether installing a few cabinets and shelving would be enough or you would have to go for a more intensive makeover, to store all your possessions. You might want to get professional help, if you choose and they can help convert your garage into a more functional space.

Store similar things together

Storing similar things together is one of those must-do garage storage ideas, as the whole point is to have a neat, uncluttered space where you are able to find everything, and everything has a place of its own. For example, you can have shelves to stack pet supplies and dry goods, and a pegboard on which you can neatly hang all your DIY tools, paints etc.


Some clutter in your garage you cannot avoid, but you can divert attention from these areas with the help of some clever garage remodelling ideas. You can paint a portion of the wall near the wall in an attractive shade, which can draw the attention away from the shelf near the door where you keep muddy boots etc.

Add storage

Storage is a vital component when you are organizing your garage.  There are many storage solutions available, which you buy according to your budget. You can cover most of the walls except for the one where you want to hang your tools. Also, leave enough space for a workbench.

Repurpose and reuse

You can reuse items such as file cabinets as storage bins for yard tools. Adding casters will help you move it outside when you want to.

Remodelling your garage completely

If you want a complete rehaul of your space, you can do that by getting professional help. They can give you many garage-remodelling ideas, which you can choose from. You could install heaters, install cabinetry, paint the floors and walls, and incorporate slat walls, which makes it easier to hang baskets and hooks. Whether you have one, two or three cars, your garage can still have room enough to store things and have a workbench if it is organized well. You can include a steel sink/s and counter top to make cleaning up easier, after working on any project on the workbench.

Use the ceiling

Hooks from the ceiling can be used to hang golf equipment, kayaks and any other sporting equipment.

Use bold colors

Bold colors can help to jazz up your garage and impart a dynamic energy to the space.

Vertical storage

Slat walls are great garage storage ideas, as you can have space to store things vertically. You can store tools, sports equipment and many more things on slat walls.  Bicycles too can be hung from the slat walls, saving space on the ground.

Art on the walls


Empty wall/s can be converted to interesting design elements, which you would not have thought possible in your garage. You could frame catchy posters and hang them on empty wall/s. Even colourful surfboards look like art when they are hung on the walls.

Use tiles on the floor

Colorful tiles in the floor can help in keeping dirt out of your home.

Your garage need no longer be ignored or neglected when it is transformed into a well-organized functional space you would use to store things, as well as work in. Your organized garage can make a good impression on potential buyers too, if you ever want to sell your home.

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