Window treatments that look best with beach houses


Window treatments make windows look stylish and attractive and provide some functional advantages as well. Your beach house’s location would probably have some amazing views of the ocean. You can design the windows or carry out some effective treatments like shades and shutters which will enhance the beauty of your beach house. You can even use scavenged things from the beach to decorate your windows. Check out some window coverings/treatments which would look the best in your beach house:

Think Tall


Beach homes typically have tall ceilings which you can use to your advantage. You can install your windows above sliding doors. Vaulted ceilings can be rounded out at the top to balance any hard angles the room may have. This would create an arched look which would make it seem as though you’d step out to sea right from your home.

Driftwood shutters

Let the sea breeze enter your home during the day and night. Install wraparound windows that are dressed with shutters, which will keep out insects and rain but allow daylight and the soft breeze of the sea inside your beach home. If you can have the shutters made from weathered wood, they would give the look of driftwood, giving a very beachfront vibe. Old boat cleats can be used as the handles of the shutters for an even more seaside feel.

Relaxed bamboo shades


Bamboo shades are easy to maintain window treatment, which allows you to control the amount of light you want to let inside your home. Tortoiseshell bamboo or natural bamboo will match with your rattan beach house furniture, and create a cohesive designer look. If you have a glass wall or very wide windows, you can use rows of individual shades. Then you can roll up only the shades you want to look out at the beach scenery. You can hang the bamboo shades from a shellacked bamboo rod mounted above the window/s.

Simple sheers

Simple sheers are simply lovely! They give you enough light and look pretty and elegant. You can pick them up at quite a cheap rate too from sales. Make sheers by yourself through materials like light linen, voile, transparent or raw silk, gauze and any material which takes your fancy.  Your sheer need not be a transparent white but it can be a beautiful teal or charcoal blend would look great too.

Motorized blinds

Motorized blinds

Motorized blinds, which can be opened, closed or tilted with a remote or your smartphone will add a dash of luxury to your beach home. Apart from being excellent window coverings, these blinds which can be controlled with your smartphone can make it seem as though you’re at home, even when you’re not. This is great from the security point of view, as it can prevent intruders from entering your home, as it will seem to them that your home is not vacant. Plus, a completely motorized window system allows you to control all the windows with just one button. You can set up an automatic opening and closing system too, which will take your mind off this chore completely.

Beach motif

Small shells, tiny sea glass pieces and other ‘beachy’ baubles can be strung together in long strings and mounted from a horizontal rod to make a lovely curtain. This pretty curtain will behave like a wind chime, tinkling when the wind blows, and also let enough light into your room. You can string together pennants to make a wonderful and colorful ‘flag’ curtain, which would flutter in the gentle breeze.

Leave the open window

The window of choice for most people is a retractable glass window, which leads out to a terrace or deck. Enjoy the fresh salty air of the sea by opening the windows whenever you want.

No treatment

If you are not concerned about privacy, and you want to enjoy the exquisite scenery outside unhindered, then nix the window coverings, and keep the windows bare. You could paint the trim white or any color which would match with your decor.

Opaque bathroom windows


Install ceiling to floor windows in your bathroom which are opaque, letting you look out but no one can look inside.

Your beach cottage/home can look extraordinary with beautiful window treatments which match the exterior or interior of your home. Install windows which display both a fun and elegant element.

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