10 Tips and easy hacks to make your home happy and lively

Secrets for a happier home

Having a home is one of the greatest blessings but making it your own is what sets it apart. There is nothing better than a house that is welcoming, warm and comfortable. So, how can you turn your abode into such a place? We’ve given a few tips  and hacks to make your home happy and lively. You can follow these suggestions to transform your home into an inviting and happy place. Read on to find out:

Tips and hacks to make your home happy and lively

1. Let there be light

Let There Be Light

There’s nothing worse than a dark and gloomy space so if you want to make your nest look more inviting, do all you can to make it appear lighter. Wash away grime from windows to let in more outside light, use bright or light-colored curtains and add mirrors in strategic locations. Get yourself lighting fixtures that throw warm and soft glows across rooms.

2. Decorate with what you love

Decorate With What You Love

Personalizing your space is all about including the stuff you love. If you’re into antiques or art, buy items along those lines and use them to decorate your rooms. If you love books, set a space aside just for your tomes. You could get bookshelves made in an antique style and fill them up with your collection.

3. Mixing up your furniture

Mixing up your furniture

Mix and match your furniture to keep things interesting. You could get a stylish mirror and hang it up instead of wall decorations. Or, you could team up your contemporary chairs with a vintage settee.

4. Make a statement with your entry

Make a Statement with entry

Most folks tend to focus on interiors and not entrances. But, giving importance to the entry way says a lot about how you view your home. If you have stairs leading up to your house, choose to get a stylish banister. Or, decorate your door with an antique knocker.

5. Deep clean

Deep Clean

Giving your home a good cleaning makes an instant difference. Begin from a certain room and slowly proceed to the rest of your house, throwing out useless junk and clearing away clutter. Clean items and spaces that are hidden to prevent them spreading their dust and grime everywhere else.

6. Choose relaxing color combinations

Choose relaxing color combination

Soothing colors are known to relax the mind and body so try to combine hues that complement each other. Colors that go well together are cream and indigo, lime yellow and tangerine, aqua blue and sea foam green, blue and white, gold and deep red, dark purple and lavender and light pink and chocolate brown.

7. Lead a simpler life: Remove electronic clutter

Lead a Simpler Life

While snazzy gadgets and devices ease our workload and help us stay in touch with colleagues, friends and family, give away or discard stuff you no longer use. If you have old monitors and keyboards lying around, find a way to reuse them – maybe there’s a shelter that would take them or maybe you could reuse them in another room.

8. Create photo collages

Create Photo Collages

Pictures make perfect memories so get out your photo album and select shots that mean something to you. Buy cheap picture frames and arrange your photos on a wall like how you would when making a collage. If you don’t have enough family pictures, use whatever catches your fancy.

9. Put fun objects at unexpected places

Put some fun objects

Not everything has to be in their place. Get some fun and interesting objects and place them in unlikely spots, for instance, a quaint flowerpot on a coffee table.

10. Choose furniture that will fit both the room and your needs

Choose furniture

Assess the size of your room and choose your furniture accordingly. A small room would look even smaller with large furniture pieces so be wise when selecting items. If there is a space that looks empty, try to fill it with coffee tables, divans and chairs.

Interesting hacks for your home interior and décor

Your house is not just one precisely designed structure of bricks and beams; it is something built of love, harmony and dreams. Big or small nobody would want a house without any embellishment in the form of jazzy modernistic interiors that freeze the beholders mind. Interior Decoration is the requisite of a modern classy home that tells the world of your grandeur and social stature. And with the right combination of designs, style and lay out, a mere structure of walls is transcended to the epitome of style and signature of class.

Shortcut tips that works for all

Here are some Interior Design Secrets or the tricks of blending style with skill which will make your home look in accord with the latest fad.

The color

Color is an extremely crucial factor to keep in mind. The right combination of wall paints and furniture could be marvelous whereas the wrong one can cause havoc. For e.g. Charcoal black with chalk white or cherry red , lilac with pearl white, lemon green with marmalade, maroon with snow white or a vibrant mix of lively balanced color palette..


A li’l fresh lily or daisy plant in the reading room creates magic and brings warmth in mood. A decorative lush green herb placed at the corner of the dining hall lights up the modern interiors. It is also beneficial for children and pets.


A hanging lamp in the hallway or kitchen is a good mixer. A canopy bed with wooden photo frames on the wall or Japanese pots on a white shelf of the guest room along with an antique 19th century European wall art make a splendid vintage combo.


Mirrors are integral part of house decor as they add a tinge of vastness and liveliness making the room brighter and vogue. Avoid large mirrors but panels of patterned ones that go with the vertical length of the room.


Low-slung furniture of less height makes the rooms seem more vertical. A glass center piece is good for small or medium rooms. Comfortable sofa sets with small monochrome pillows of contrasting shades or classic strips of black & white look luxurious. Bookshelves are a must. A Grey or white textured credenza beneath the windows near the house tree add an icing on the cake.


The living room becomes livelier with Arabian carpets or floral rags. Long colorful open glass windows are favored. An extra edge is added by archival tapestries and abstract art works of dynamic designs. One can place a fancy bronze or porcelain statue on the center piece or the credenza.

Budget-friendly tips and hacks to make your home happy and lively

It is indeed erroneous to believe that transforming your home into the voguish one of your dream needs you to spend heavy green on buying expensive stuffs. Here are some efficacious and budget-friendly ways to make your home look bewitchingly in fashion.

  1. Use lights to your advantage and use chandeliers or lamps.
  2. Lay out your furniture with proper spacing.

iii.        Use flowers, glass marbles or beautiful vase to decorate the rooms.

  1. Save some space and earn money by selling the unwanted stuffs.
  2. Use old family photos or homemade artifacts to decorate the walls.
  3. Use books.

Sure shot hacks to make your home happy and lively

  • One secret about bedrooms is “The bigger the beds, the better”. Beds of proper size give the bedroom a majestic look and a cozy ambiance.
  • The dining room is the place where the entire family spends time and has conversation. Hence it is important to lighten the dining room to the best.
  • Windows are crucial as they keep the rooms airy and ventilated. They let sunlight in and save light expenses.
  • Indoor plants are always suggested by interior designers and home decor experts. Indoor plants are eco-friendly framing a fresh environment altogether.
  • It is clever to use rags as they beautify the floors.
  • Painting the ceilings with contrasting shade of the same color as the rest of the walls of the room positively adds a visual appeal and enlightens the rooms.
  • Use curtains with designs and patterns of matching colors.

A final note on  hacks to make your home happy and lively

A small endeavor to make your home look great needs just a little knowledge of home decor and color combination which when splendidly blended with a tinge of your imagination can cause wonders to your dream home. The spacing, layout, designs are the key factors governing the outcome. Work out with these and witness an everlasting stare of your colleagues, neighbors, friends or relatives and make them drool.

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