Smart home tech ideas for small spaces and small homes

Having a small house can be a lot of fun even though it comes with a variety of challenges. Just by utilizing every space that is available in the right manner even the smallest house can become efficient enough for the family. Since this is the era of Smarthomes, you do have special home-automated consumer products, which are specially designed to cater to the needs of small spaces.

Home automation is the way to go

Considering that smart homes are the in thing today, you can easily convert your simple small home into a smart one just by making a few changes. From plugs to hubs to even smart furniture and mirrors, you have it all in the market. It is all about choosing the right products for your needs and using them wisely.  Here are a few home-automated products that you can consider to transform your small home into a smart one.

The LED bulb speaker and throw projector by Sony

Every home has a special section for home entertainment. However, considering the constraints of small houses, Sony has come up with a unique concept of making life easy for people with space constraints. The life space UX series by the company is a Smart Kit that that consists of a UX light bulb and a throw projector, which can even convert your walls interior home entertainment section. The best part about this product is that you get a Bluetooth speaker that comes along with it.

Handheld fabric Steamer

Instead of having an ironing board which can take up space, you can go for the hand hair steamer which fulfills one’s of ironing without taking too much of space. The wrinkles of your clothing will be straightened out, even if you wear them, and they will look as good as ironed clothes.

The smart leaning mirror for your dressing table

Having a dressing table may not be at your convenience due to the lack of space. Instead, you can opt for the leaning mirror which gives you the benefit of a full-length mirror without taking too much of space. The best part of this smart mirror is that you can use it for your browsing purposes, since it is equipped with a touch screen display and the ability to connect to your Wi-Fi. Alongside the mirror, you can place a bar of hooks to hang your bags, coats, hats or caps.

The smart furniture, which allows you to charge your smartphone wirelessly

Another unique concept that is available in home automation products smart furniture, this furniture serves the dual purpose of a charging station. In this concept, the need for a separate plug does not come into the picture and you can use it as a side table.

Smart lighting fixtures with built-in security device

There are a few lighting fixtures in the market that can serve the purpose of a lighting fixture and take care of the security of your house at the same time. The specially designed lighting fixtures with built in camera also come with a mobile application that allows you to control and make changes to the settings whenever you want. Along with that, you will also receive notifications and alert the minute any motion is detected so that you know who is standing outside your door.

The smart fan with Wi-Fi connectivity

Moving aside from the traditional ceiling fans, you can now opt for the smart ceiling fan, which is equipped with a Wi-Fi connectivity to give you the benefit of a smart home products. These fans are not only stylish to look at but also uniquely designed to ensure that they blend in with the decor of your home and save your energy bills. The mobile application allows you to control your fan even if you are not at home.

Home automated beds with built-in storage system

Though this may not be available in the market, you can surely make a smart bed of your own. For this, all you need to get is a wooden bed set frame along with a storage space and a home-automated smart mattress. This mattress not only records your sleeping habits but also monitors your vital stats.

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