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All you need to know about the world’s smallest home automation switch – Kancy

Everyday there is something new and interesting innovation in home automation. The list of various products is very long, and with new ones on the list, this list not only grows but also gives the consumers a better option. One of the latest products in home-automated switches is Kancy. A project that even features in Kickstarter, by the name of the World’s smallest home automated switch. So what is it all about, read on to find out more about it.

The design that is effective and intuitive

Kancy is a switch that is effective and intuitive. This smart switch is user friendly and easy to install. The design of the Kancy switch makes it easy to connect with any device.  With this switch, the transformation of any two devices is easy. The easy handling of the switch gives you the advantage of controlling the home automation switch from a remote location. This means that even if you have any other lighting systems in your house, you can club that with your Kancy switch.

Features that make a difference

You can connect this switch to your WI-FI connection and use it. You can control it easily but only if you connect the device and the user to the same network. Another good feature of this switch is that it is a standalone piece and does not require any other pieces or a hub. Although the user cannot control this switch remotely if there is an internet outrage, however, if the LAN connection is the same, then the user can still access it. This is because you need to have your WI-FI connection for remote access.

Mobile and web application facility

This switch comes with a mobile and web application facility. This means that even if you lose your mobile, you can still access the Kancy switch through the web browser. Another point that is worth highlighting is that there are no additional monthly fees. You can easily access the application from any device that is in your control or in the hands of your family members.

YouTube video for installation

The company has already released a video on YouTube for those who would like to know how to install the Kancy switch. This video gives you all the details that you need along with the necessary precautionary measures. The video features the step-by-step process on the installation procedure of the switch. A very simple video is easy to understand and well explained. You can install this home-automated switch either on the power outlet junction or on the wall light. With the help of the Kancy switch, you can convert your present home switches in the most inexpensive manner without creating a huge hole in your pocket.

Kancy account creation

A user can create his or her Kancy account through the various options that are available. Anyone can link their Gmail, Twitter or even Facebook account if they want, or they can also create a fresh account. Apart from that, the user also has the benefit of creating spate Residents and Administrative accounts within their Kancy account for access control. The account also allows them to create different places to subcategorize the switch properties. This means that you can have a separate option for the office, house, the exteriors etc.

Easy control options

Home automation switches provide a variety of features and benefits. The same is applicable with the Kancy switch. It can act as a relay, servo, a dimmer as well as an outlet. The dimmer option gives you the liberty to adjust the increment as per your need. You can also adjust or turn the lights off or on. To close or open the doors or blinds, you have the benefit of using the servo feature. You can also create various kinds of routines that are suitable for you. Apart from that, this switch comes with an intelligent technology that learns the routine of the user. This eco friendly hi-tech gadget is worth considering since it helps to reduce the energy consumption and reduces your monthly bills.

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