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Interesting and creative bedside replacement ideas you can consider


Some people have the luck of having a night stand beside their bed and some do not. But do we need a night stand? Yes, we do! Most of the people do. A night stand is mainly used in order to keep your important things by your bed side like your phone, water, alarm clock or anything else. In case you need any of the things during the night or even after you wake up you do not have to bend down to collect your phone from the ground. But; What to do if you do not have a bedside table? For that we are here with some creative bedside replacement ideas for you to choose from. We have the list of some of the night stand replacement ideas for the bedroom that will make you fall in love.

Creative bedside replacement ideas only for you

creative-bedside-replacement-ideasWith our innovative ideas for bedside table2018 list you can easily choose your own creative bedside replacement ideas that go well with your bedroom décor. We have everything may it be alternatives to bedside table for small rooms or even for a bigger one, you can find our creative bedside replacements ideas interactive.

Use of vintage suitcase:

Sometimes having some vintage suitcase does not only help you to travel with stuffs but also helps you to replace them with your regular night stand. The old and rusty look and the style of the suitcases will add some elegancy to your bedroom making it authentic and sophisticated. You can keep your belongings on it and still have the wow look to your bedroom.

Old trunk can help you too:

If you have an old trunk stacked in your store room then your search for night stand replacement ideas for the bedroom is over. The trunk can help you to style it as a night stand by adding some needed props and decoration to it.

The multi-functional use of a chair


A chair can also do the trick if you are looking for an alternative to a bed side table. You can be consider as a night stand as it holds many of our things. And if you want to use it as a night stand then it will be on edge and the simplest décor in your bed room. A chair fits well in our innovative ideas for bedside table 2018.

Use a Drum:

If you like cheeky and fancy items in your home then making a drum your night stand will not bother you much. It will bring out the coolness in your bedroom making it look a little extra saucy and classy.

A barrel to rescue:

Innovation comes from within and when you have an empty barrel in your home then the problem is solved. You can use the barrel by decorating it with some good paint and designs or else through adding a little cloth to cover it. A barrel can be easy and innovative idea for being a replacement as a night stand in your bedroom.

Add some more fun into your alternatives to bedside table for small rooms

creative-bedside-replacement-ideasNot every people you come across lives in an elegant home with large bedroom, some do have small and cosy bedrooms where they find peace sleeping out of their worries. As having a night stand is important for some people so having creative bedside replacement ideas are something you can have for smaller bedroom too.

Wall shelves save space

If you have a small bedroom you can always go for having the wall mounted classy shelf by your bedside. This will increase the beauty of your bedroom without taking much of place. You can keep your night belongings there without the worry of getting up.

A stool will also do the trick

Do you have stool in your home? If yes then use it as a night stand for your bedroom. You can add some colourful artefacts to it or a small rug to cover the stool. The stool will not take much of your space and will also look elegant beside your bed.

Use small side tables:

creative-bedside-replacement-ideasHow about adding a small coffee table or a small side table beside your bed? This will keep your bedroom spacy and as well as will go perfectly with your bed sitting quietly beside it. You can always use different and colourful side tables that will go with your bedroom décor and bed.

How about a tray table:

Tray tables are basically smaller in size and fits elegantly anywhere you like in your home without taking up much space! You can innovate it with your own ideas and DIY the table to make it fit in your bedroom as an exchange of a night stand.

Small plant tables:

You can easily find a small plant table at any furniture or plant shop of any size which can help you to decorate your bedroom. You can make use of it by creating some designs over it or as per your taste and your bedroom décor. The table will be a pleasant thing to add into your bedroom without any extra charges.

The conclusion

There are many more brilliant ideas and things that you can collect for the night stand alternative anytime. Having sophisticated and elegant things as night stand will increase your bedrooms charm and quality.

Not everyone make effort to be creative with their home décor but there are people who love staying in a place which they can decorate with their own will. Having a night stand is important in order to keep you book, phone or anything that you may use during the night or after opening your eyes. So, having a night stand beside your bed is something you should think about.

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We have given you some best of the innovative and subtle ideas for both a big and as well as a large bedroom. So now it’s totally up to you if you want a night stand or not. And if you do, there is always a range of ideas waiting for you, all you need to do is be creative.