Personalized romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

Personalized romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

Decorating a house or room as per the likes of an individual is easy. This is because, you have to keep in mind what kind of decoration a single person likes. However, when it comes to a couple, the tables turn and the challenges increase. Not only do you have to keep in mind both their likes and dislikes; you also have to come up with a theme that will appeal to the couple. For a newly married couple, their first home is very special. Here are a few tips and some romantic bedroom ideas for married couples that you can use to give your nest a special and personal touch.

1.The story telling wall

romantic-bedroom-ideasEach couple has their own love story which is indeed an interesting journey. Well, if you are wondering how to decorate a perfect bedding sets for your bedroom; you can use this idea.. Hang photos of different moments in your life. This can include some of the cutest and special moments of your marriage as well. For those whose marriage was arranged, make the arrangement in such a way that it shows how the two of you met. Do not forget to also include your wedding and honeymoon pics.

2.Why not do it together

Given the fact that two people will always have some kind of differences; doing things together is one of the best ways to decorate your room. There are various hime and her inspirational romantic bedroom ideas for married couples that you both can use. All you have to do is modify the basic concept to your liking and you are all set.

3.Management of space and storage

romantic-bedroom-ideasSince we are talking about room decoration for a couple; we can not miss out on this important factor. One of the biggest issues that many couples face are storage and space. While choosing any romantic bedroom ideas for married couples; make sure that the theme gives you enough of space to store things. Also keep in mind the kind of furniture you plan to keep. For example, if you have enough of space to add a king size bed, choose a queen sized bed instead. This will give you more leeway to make storage units. Some more factors to be considered while choosing a perfect bed is you can go for wider units instead of narrow ones if you have enough of room to walk around. This will help enhance the look of your bedroom.

4.Window shopping for small bedroom decoration ideas for couples

Another great way to get some romantic bedroom ideas for married couples is by going window shopping. Go to various home décor stores to check out how you can arrange your bedroom. This will help you get an idea of how to add the professional touch even if you are decorating your bedroom yourself. It will also give you a good idea on how to decorate a bedroom within your budget as well. You will find many replica’s of the designs and themes displayed that will suit your pocket. This is one of the most effective and budget friendly ways to decorate your bedrrom.

5.Keep areas for him and her

romantic-bedroom-ideasSince we are talking about romantic bedroom ideas for married couples; this is something that you cannot miss out. Even as a couple, it is very important to have your personal space. This is not only applicable in real life, but even in the bedroom. This way, the both of you will be able to add that personal touch needed to make the room more appealing. While 80% of the décor can be on mutual understanding, keep 20% aside so that you both can decorate it individually.  This way the both of you will have your personal space.

6.Using linen for decorating your room/house

There are many ways that you can use linen to decorate any space. For the bedrooms, consider the his/her themed room decoration for a couple. This will give the area  a personalized touch and at the same time, give a romatic feeling. Choose curtains, bedsets, cushion covers and even table cloths with colors that both of you like.

7.Creative and romantic bedroom ideas for married couples with home décor items

romantic-bedroom-ideasIn any house, accessorizing it appropriately is essential when you want to give your home decorating a finishing touch. Couples love to express themselves in the most unique manner. One of the ways that you can express your love for each other is to choose items that speak volumes about the love you share. Instead of going for a regular wall clock, you can get a customized one which has your wedding pic on it. Similarly, you can choose to go for customized printed cushion covers, mugs and even water bottles with pictures of the two of you.

8.Hand painted items also count

 Since we are talking about small bedroom decoration ideas for couples that give a personalized touch; this is something that should not be left out. When you choose to go with hand painted items, it gives a more personalized feeling instead of the regular prints. You do not have to be Pablo Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci or any professional artist. It does not matter if the lines are not straight or the paint is hay wire, just go on have some fun and paint things around you. It is not only one of the best ways to start something together and also give your house the personal touch.

9.Consider Custom Sized Mattress

A custom sized mattress is the perfect way to make your bedroom more romantic. Whether it’s a king size bed or a queen size bed, there are many options available to you. A king size mattress can be made in many different sizes and shapes with just about any size of box springs that you want. The same is true for queen size mattresses, but they are not as popular as king size mattresses.

If you want your bedroom to be romantic, then you need to start by choosing the right type of mattress for your needs. The first thing that you should do is take stock of your room and figure out how much space you have available for a new mattress set. Once you know how much room you have available, then it is time to figure out what kind of bedding would look best in the room.

If you want something that will really stand out in your room then consider getting a king size bed with four posts instead of just two posts like most traditional beds have today. This makes it possible for you to hang up curtains around the outside edge of the bed so that they hang down over each post; this will give your bedroom an elegant appearance while still allowing light.

The list of romantic bedroom ideas for married couples is endless

romantic-bedroom-ideasWhile we can go on with different ideas and ways on how to decorate a bedroom; the bottom line is, that is it totally your choice. As a couple the best way to start the new chapter of your life is by doing things together. Even when it comes to decorating your nest, having a personal touch will only make the start all the more special. There are endless romantic bedroom ideas for married couples that you can use. All you need to do is personalize it in such a manner that it becomes your very own unique idea.

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