Smarthomes will be better with the latest upgrade in Bluetooth connectivity

The mesh networking has finally been updated and is now supported by the Bluetooth technology. This means that now your various home automated products, IoT devices and even the network of sensors will be able to communicate with each other which can also make life more easy and simple.  Bluetooth is one of the most popular and oldest wireless standards, the upgrade of Bluetooth make this technology all the stronger and will give a tough time to its competitors.

The timing is perfect for this new update

Considering that the home automation industry or the Smarthome Industry is at its all time peak and growing every second, the Bluetooth upgrade launch timing cannot be better. With wireless and de-cluttering being the norms of the day, it looks like the masses will surely accept and welcome with new upgrade of the mesh networking.  The demands of new products with different features have always been a trend. What makes this launch so perfect is that companies will be able to come up with products that not only cater to the demands but also include the new additions of technology, which may be launched in the future years.

This new edition will open doors for innovation

Considering the requirements of new and innovative products going every single day, this new update and addition will surely open the doors for companies to come up with various products that can use the mesh-networking platform. It will also help to improve the focus that companies emphasize on when they come up with innovative products for Smarthome users. The number of people that are shifting to the Smart home concept are growing. If you look at the statistics, today people are not just buying one or two products, but are upgrading their homes and every corner of it with different kinds of home-automated products. From plugs to lighting system, security devices to alarms, fridge, the cooking range, laundry machines and lots more, everything is not just in the market stand but also in the modern homes.

With the Bluetooth mesh technology, signals will travel faster to and from the target device and originating device. This will make communications between the two better and faster since the signals will be transmitted at a rapid pace. Smart home users stand to benefit from this new upgrade the most, as they may soon be able to upgrade to this new technology.

Along with that, another good thing is that, with the launch of the mesh technology the need for a new update on the hardware does not come into the picture. Instead, it may just work on the present supported devices of Bluetooth 4.0 and 5.0.

Here are a few reasons why you would need the Bluetooth Mesh technology.

With the launch of Bluetooth mesh, even devices that have low requirements of Bluetooth will be able to communicate with this mesh networking. Even the signals can touch longer distance by using various other devices that come their way until they reach the target device.

Presently, the communications of the non-mesh Bluetooth devices have limited range. Most of the time it is more from one point to another and that to at a close range. Even if you talk about the Bluetooth devices that are paired at a small distance, their communications breaks off easily. Keeping this factor in mind, with the mesh technology, the devices will easily be able to communicate with each other even at a distance.

How to get your device to be Bluetooth Compatible

For the devices that are compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and 5.0, all they need is an update to avail the meshing feature. This is purely based on the decision of the manufacturers, if they plan to release an update like this or not. Considering that there is standardization in technology, it will not be long before new products, which hit the market, will come with built-in mesh-networking feature of Bluetooth.  With this, we can clearly say that the new Mesh technology of Bluetooth will revolutionize the Smart home market and set a new standard, which may be a little hard to break, and will also give competitors a true run in so many ways.

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