Guide on the design ideas for unusual and creative fish tanks to perk up your décor

Panoramic XL Wall Aquarium

An aquarium not only gives an aesthetic appearance to our interiors, but also brings us close to nature. Fish alleviates stress and reduce blood pressure, so making it a part of your interiors seems to be good thought. Without doubt, unusual fish tanks have taken the aquarium industry by storm. Fish tanks, these days, are available in arrange of shapes and sizes. Let us have a look at a few unusual and creative fish tanks that will make for an inimitable design statement inside your home.

The health benefits of having an aquarium

This customized service will make your house look different and beautiful. Having an aquarium in your house is also good for your health. It helps to relax you mind and keeps your stress under control. It also helps to improve your sleeping pattern since your mind is calm. Let us look at some of the best ways to bring in this concept into your home.

Unusual and creative fish tanks to perk up your décor


iMacquarium deserves to stand among the list of the aquariums. It’s a fish tank that is built inside the shell of an old iMac. Since the fish-tank is in a computer shell, it is named after the iMac. The well designed aquariums look like the fish floating on your pc screen. If your fishes act pretty smart, this is the best house they can get.

Silverfish aquarium

The Silverfish Aquarium that is a creation by Octopus Studios is a splendid design that comprises of multiple spherical fish bowls interconnected by tunnels that give the fish the impression of vastness. You pet sea creatures can now enjoy a prolonged swim while exploring the confusing array of tunnels which would be a delightful activity for them. It has multiple connected globe tanks for underwater exploration and viewer stimulation. The unique of its type, the aquarium conceals six orbs connected by tubes, the lights, pumps and filters in the cabinet. Priced at $3400, this fish tanks is worth buying for your fish specially.

Light bulb aquarium

Light bulb aquarium with its amazing look lets your fishes flaunt about their new and unique house. The unusual space will make your marine pal feel posh without you having to blow a good portion of your retirement fund to please high fishiness. Making use of the old bulbs not only helps to utilize the old bulbs but also gives a new designed house to your fishes.

Toilet aquarium

Come out of the notion that toilet serves just one purpose. They can be inspiration for many other things. Just like this aquarium. This aquarium becomes a good house for your fish and a cool statement for your home. These aquariums take the design to a new level altogether and enhance your living space with cool stuff.

R2-D2 aquarium

Check out the robots holding the fish. The R2-D2 aquarium is a robot shaped tank that houses your fishes. It comes with filter and overhead LED tank lights that switch between red, blue, and a two-sided waterproofed cardboard insert depicting scenes from the movie as a background. It is priced for $129.95.

Comfish USB aquarium

Computers have almost made our life completely dependent on them. And now computer takes control over the aquariums as well. Comfish aquarium is controlled almost entirely from your computer, where USB cable supplies power to the tank’s LED lights. In addition, the water heater, and the oxygen pump can control all this stuff with a program that looks just like the fish tanks itself. A little camera keeps you aware of what’s going inside a tank without even looking at the fishes.

Chumby aquarium

The aquarium makes use of Chumby, a little open source widget platform, with WiFi, a touch screen, some USB ports, and a squeeze sensor. The chumby monitors the fish tanks and is attached to some hardware that sits in the fish bowl and measures water conditions to make sure your fish stays healthy. It also allows you to monitor your fishes with the webcam.

Sink aquarium

Your sink now becomes house for your loved fishes. This aquarium is shaped like sink and is an amazing addition for your home. This sink harmonizes perfectly with the aquarium shitter, and all for only $4,700.

Decorative fish tanks

Designed by Vanessa mitrani, this tank is something you can design at home itself. The cool fish tanks bring together art and nature. The tank is designed by the designer uniquely and then decorated in several different forms.

Blowfish aquarium

Till now we have come across aquariums that are designed to house fishes. But this fish tanks is a real object, designed for a real purpose. I’ll tell you all about it after the jump. The main benefit from the perspective of the children was the prospect of being able to swim and survive under water for longer, and being able to change their interactions with one another as a result of this new imagined world. During a brainstorm, the children imagined sea creatures they wished they could become.

Floating garden

The Floating Garden by Benjamin Graindorge is one innovative aquarium that minimizes the problem of water maintenance. At the same time shows a nice symbiotic relationship between plants and fish. Designed to fit into small spaces, this ecological system allows you to recycle the aquarium water for repeated use. Gravel-based filtration allows decantation of water through a sand layer of 5 cm, thereby removing bacteria and larger impurities and turning nitrogen into nitrate.

Vertical fish tanks

The long tower shaped fish tanks is cool enough to adorn your interiors with something that will draw you close to the nature. This cool and sleek floor aquarium is available in 3 sizes and includes built-in lights, pump, filter, plant decor and gravel.

Globe aquarium

Adding to the list of some of the creative fish tanks, this one definitely should be part of the list. Make your fishes acquaint of the world with the Globe aquarium. This aquarium will take your fishes round the world but not literally. Take the tank along so that you do not forget the way back to your home. It’s priced at $49.95.

Infinity aquarium

Designe by BCXSY Design Studio, Infinity aquarium creates a visual metaphor to life in the fish bowl. It’s a house incomprehensible rooms, corridors, and dead ends, and never ending roads. Your fishes will definitely get tangled in this puzzled tank.

Head shaped tank

Designed by Nicola L, this tank brings human and nature together. The unique design is shaped like human head where fishes rejoice in the water. It combines the look of a modern fish bowl with the performance of an elegant aquarium.

Aquapict LED Jellyfish aquarium

Aquapict LED Jellyfish aquariumFor people who do not have much time on their hands but still want a fish tank; the Branpresto’s Aquapict LED Jellyfish Aquarium is the right choice for you.  With this fish tank in your house, you do not have to worry about feeding, cleaning and maintaining your fish. This amazing fish tanks design is from Japan and comprises of three life-like silicone-made jellyfish that are electrified for special effects. It also comes with a special adapter that powers the fish tank; all you have to do is plug it in and see your jellyfish in action. Moreover, it also comes with 12 different colors and a special color setting and other such useful features. There is another feature called the ‘Deep Sea Mode’ wherein you can enjoy your jellyfish swim in slow motion through the bluish LED; all this for the price of $ 156.

River Ecosystem Aquarium

River Ecosystem AquariumImage Source :

Designed by Mathieu Lehanneur from France, the River Ecosystem Aquarium is a great mini-ecosystem that you can nurture inside your home that has various features such as fish hatchery, an aquarium, a hydroponic vegetable garden and also serves as home decor all rolled into one. This refrigerated fish tanks can simultaneously accommodate both freshwater fish and vegetables (growing in glassy pods) in one structure. The plants are responsible for filtering and purifying the water for the fish – which makes it a self-sufficient fish tanks.

Interior Space Aquarium

Interior Space AquariumImage Source :

These interior space aquariums look great in offices and homes and are basically big-sized elliptical fish tanks that are suspended from the ceiling. They can act like colorful screens or dividers and are very sleek and trendy in appearance.

Wall mounted aquarium

Wall mounted aquariumNow you can save on space and simply mount your fish tanks on the wall just like a picture frame. This ever-changing aesthetic fish picture frame will add more vibrancy to your home. Priced at more than $2,000 this is an innovative fish tanks for the fish lovers and also for those who want a fish tanks but do not have the space to accommodate one. This fish tanks has advanced lighting, filtration, heating and air pump systems that are incorporated inside a transparent shatterproof PCB composite glass that provides a clear view.

Aqua Table Aquariums

Aqua Table AquariumsThe Aqua Table Aquariums are a great and innovative idea to save on space and convert your coffee table into an ever-changing flurry of colors and life. The table stands on top of a pedestal made out of black acrylic and is illuminated from beneath the blue bed of glassy gravel. The table has a lighting cord, filter pump and decorative plants as well. The tempered glass top will make sure that you enjoy the view as you have your tea. The table aquarium is in the shape of a stretched octagon that looks very stylish in appearance.

FTT3 Concave Table Tank

The FTT3 Concave Table Tanks look like table-top decoration pieces with a very modern appeal. They would look very elegant as a centrepiece and are sure to liven up any space inside you home. These can also be wall mounted as well and come in various shapes, finishes, themes as well as sizes to suit your interiors. These fish tanks work well for many cold water fish and goldfish too.

Panoramic XL Wall Aquarium

Panoramic XL Wall AquariumFor the price of 650 pounds, this Panoramic XL Wall Aquarium is worth every penny. It has a sleek design that extends only 15 cms from the wall. Moreover, although this is a wall mount aquarium, you cannot see the cables and wires as they are hidden . The clutter free fish tank not only acts as a perfect wall decor which is easy to install and can weigh as heavy as a book shelf. You can place small tropical fish in this tank. It also has powerful submersible filters help to keep the tank clean.

Aquarium furniture and home decor ideas for the marine lover

The charm of having an aquarium in the house gives you a relaxing feeling. The days of having, a fish bowl is long gone. Today you have a variety of designs and ideas on how you can incorporate the Aquarium and put them to use. The Aquarium furniture concept provides a unique way to decorate your house and to have an Aquarium.

Cherish family time with some beautiful décor and Enhance your well-being with Aquarium furniture

Aquarium Coffee Table

Instead of a regular coffee table, you can opt for an Aquarium Coffee Table. This table will take care of your décor needs and will also function as a coffee table. This will be a perfect addition to your family room and it will uplift the area where you plan to place it. If you plan to have this concept, restrict the use of too many decorative items around the area.

Enhance your well-being with Aquarium furniture

The Aquarium bathtub

If you do not mind spending on your bathroom decor, then consider the aquarium bathtub. It will look beautiful and will give you the feeling of swimming underwater. You do not have to go all out and have a complete Aquarium tub, instead just opt for a customized one towards the outer side and you are all set.

The Aquarium Toilet

Why have a regular toilet when you can bring it to life with a customized one. This innovative idea comes with a large sized fish tank at the back. You can also get a customized seat cover done and install it. With this addition in your bathroom, you really do not have to consider anything else.

A bed with an aquarium above it

The health benefits of having an aquarium will truly prove to be beneficial for you. Even studies reveal that by having an aquarium in the house, you can easily deal with stress and tension. The relaxing effect of this beautiful concept in your bedroom will help you have a good night’s sleep.

Options for the heart of the house- The Kitchen

The live kitchen island

Convert your regular and boring kitchen island into a unique one by incorporating the Aquarium furniture. You can choose to have a nice large sized aquarium or opt for smaller versions on the corners of the island with a set of drawers and storage cabinet in the center.

The live divider

For homes where the dining area and family room is under the same section, you can create a divider between the two by having a large sized aquarium installed. Consider having a set of cabinets down for your storage space. You can store your expensive cutlery on the side facing the dining portion.

Your live entertainment zone

The Aquarium TV space

Regular TV cabinets are slowly going out of style. People now prefer the multifunctional option where they can place their TV and entertainment units. You can incorporate this idea by having a large sized aquarium for a TV stand. Next to it, you can place a long shelf for your music system and CD/DVD collection.

The Piano Aquarium

Convert your love for music and fish into a unique design by getting yourself a specially designed Piano Aquarium. If you already have a piano in your house, you can use this option by getting a nice customized wooden table done where in you can place the piano inside and have an aquarium on top.

Why leave your workspace?

A beautiful live office table

For a person to be efficient and productive, they need to have a calm and relaxed mind. You can customize your office table by incorporating the concept of Aquarium furniture for your office space. This will bring in life to your office and take care of your health and wellbeing.

5 most extravagant fish tank designs

Fishes are liked by majority of the people. Some of the people like to keep fish aquariums and fish tanks. In modern world everyone wants to keep extravagant fish tanks. It is more like a live accessory in home, hotel and offices. There are various types of fish tank designs available.

The five most extravagant fish tank designs available are-

Red sea max fish tank

This fish tank design is one of the best available designs. It is available in a number of sizes which varies between 130 liters to 500 liters. Before adding water and its accessories to the fish tank, one must decide where to place it. This is because the fish tank will become heavier to move after filling it. To decorate this beautiful fish tank, one can add fish, rocks and coral. To maintain the temperature of the fish tank, it must be placed under direct sunlight so the temperature will be naturally maintained. These are very attractive tanks and come along with a number of accessories such as mechanical accessory which include filtration and active carbon. There are biological accessories also. This type of tank is good for freshwater and tropical water. Fishes such as Gourami (medium fishes) and Discuss (large fishes) can be kept in these fantastic fish tanks. One can further enhance the beauty of the tank by adding different types and colors of coral.

Juwel fish tanks

This type of fish tank design can bear 120 litres to 300 litres. These fish tanks are very beautiful to look at. This fish tank design comes in various colors such as black, beech and dark wood. This is a high tech fish tank. There are heater, pump, tubes, high light units and filter media present in the tank. This tank should be kept away from direct sunlight or from radiators so that it functions properly. There are a number of fishes that can be added to the fish tanks to make it look more colorful. They are- Tetra (small fish), Gourami (medium fish) and Discuss (large fish). These can be placed in the aquarium according to their size. Adding stones, rocks, plants and coral enhances the beauty of the tank. But one should never over do so that the fishes do not face any problem.

Aqua medic fish tank


This also one of the most extravagant fish tank. It is available in diverse size and designs. The smallest tank has strength for 140 liters while the largest one can bear up to 950 litres.  A number of different types of marine fishes can be kept in them. The tank is quite large therefore a perfect place must be chosen before hand for the tank as later on it will be difficult to move. The fishes should be added according to the size of the tank. A number of mixed marine fishes can be kept together in these fish tanks.

Polyresin fish tank

This fish tank is Glass fish tank with peacock shape. It is very pretty available in Champagne, antique gold and red colors. It is very delicate and is available in various sizes. A number of colorful fishes can be added to the tank to make it look more beautiful. It is perfect tank for parties and other festive functions.

Nano cubes fish tanks

large_8697_28g-Nano-LED-Tank1-HiThese are really small fish tanks which can be kept in the present modern homes. Certain sea shrimps and weeds can be kept in these fish tanks. These are also available in many beautiful designs and colors. The idea behind creation of these fish tanks was for the modern homes. LED lights can be used to make them look more beautiful.


Having fish as pets is a fun way to add more color and life to your living space with the colorful creatures swimming in elaborate fish tanks that can be done up according to your taste. Gone are the days of the conventional rectangular fish tanks with its boring looks and design. These days, there are various kinds of fish tanks/aquariums available in the market. With a wide range of designs, sizes, styles and multi-functionality features, you can easily perk up your home decor with just this one thing.One should always choose design according to the décor of the particular area so that it complements the place.

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