Eight creative kitchen tools add fun to your cooking

Kitchen is a very important part of any household. It is a place where delicious food is cooked. Every kitchen is equipped with utensils and tools that facilitate cooking. Broadly speaking, a kitchen has ovenware, kitchenware, bake-ware, cookware and so f

10 mini kitchen units for space cramped homes

The joy of cooking at home gets multiplied if you have an aesthetic, functional, and groovy kitchen. Most hi-end kitchens are made for well planned spacious homes. But new age designers have come up with space saving kitchen designs that are efficient, vi

Five futuristic kitchen designs

Every time you plan of renovating your house, you can never expel the idea of kitchen renovation from your mind. You probably spend a lot of money too on kitchen equipments and kitchen wares that are modern, sleek and sophisticated. It might even be so

Exclusive kitchen cabinet designs

Kitchen these days have seen a tremendous makeover in trends and designs. Following the same recent trends, we keep on bringing to you unique and innovative designs that are hard to miss. They don’t only look appealing but also lend a comfortable charm to

Essential kitchen gadgets

The first area of a house that tends to attract women’s attention is the kitchen. No matter where you go and to whose house you pay a visit, taking a look at the kitchen is a true women’s habit. While beautifying your house, you take care to decorate ever

Everything you need to know about modular kitchen designing

Just as meal times are the pivot of family bonding, the kitchen is the center of sustenance for the family. Gone are the days of smoky, ill lit, grimy kitchens. The homemakers of today are turning to modern solutions that make kitchen work a joy rather th

Timeless white kitchen design ideas

Your kitchen should reflect your sense of style and décor. Whether your style is rustic, urban, contemporary, chic or traditional, there is one look with which you just cannot go wrong! This is the ‘White Kitchen design’. The white color décor for your

Rotimatic: Fancy making chapati in a flash?

Ever wished to get rid of the cumbersome and time consuming chapati-making task? Here’s your wish come true! The Rotimatic by Pranoti Nagarkar Israni is an automatic roti maker that does the mixing, making and baking all on its own. Just the flick.

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