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5 Cool corner home office ideas for small spaces

Setting up a home office seems like an easy job but it can
actually turn into a bit of a hassle when you account for the fact that not
putting it in the right space will actually hamper your productivity. However,
if you want to utilize neglected corners

7 Cool desks for your home office

Working from home can be particularly rewarding but setting up
shop on ordinary desk and chair can make anyone feel unprofessional and
raggedy. However, you can always pick a cool home office desk and rejuvenate
your home office easily.  1. Goggle ho

Cool desks for your home office

Keep your home office desk arranged with Modular Modo

Organizing your workstation can be a real pain especially
the small bitty things that refuse to stay organized like rubber bands, paper clips,
cables and wires etc. With most home offices being reduced to the use of tablet
PCs, the problem has only burgeo

Chic home office ideas for the New Year

and home used to be two entirely different places some time back but now the
situation is a lot different. Today most people prefer the option of working
from home and it is developing into a rapidly growing trend. Now that many
people are considerin

Moving Tips – Setting up a home office

Things to remember when you are considering shifting a Home Office If you are the owner of a business which you run from home or you want to set up an office in your place to manage your business loads then it is always a good choice to make a suitable

Ideas for Decorating a Home Office with an Awkward Shape

Shape up your awkwardly shaped space

The problem of space is something that is being faced by
almost everyone around the world. The real estate market is at its peak and
thus it is not affordable by everyone to purchase a new building to make an

Easy ways to create a perfect home office

More and more people are working from homes these days. A good example is Canada where almost 50% of the businesses are now being run from home. And, in order to elevate your productivity, you should make your home office more inviting, organized, comfort

Cacomi: Modular office furniture designed by Shin Azumi

designer Shin Azumi unveiled his latest design that has been named as Cacomi,
which happens to be a series of modular office furniture, exclusively
manufactured for Japanese furniture manufacturer Itoki.

‘Cacomi’ is
basically a Japanese

Modular furniture for home office

If you want to give your home office a sophisticated and elegant new look that will define class as well as efficiency within a budget, then custom-made modular home office furniture should readily fit your purpose. The list below attempts to make you

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